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No results were found for the searched phrase "" Toruń (woj. kujawsko-pomorskie) - szkolnictwo i oświata."" by criterion: Subject

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Quotation marks:

The use of quotation marks forces search for exact phrases, for example, "simple story". In addition, using the ~ character, you can specify the maximum distance between each words, for example, "simple story"~5 - search for "simple story" within 5 words from each other.

Wildcard matching:

Use wildcards if you do not remember the exact phrase that you want to search.

  • wea? will return results for both words weak and wear
  • analy* will return results, for example, analysis, analytical, analyze

Wildcard can be used at the end or in the middle of a word.

Boolean operators:

  • AND, e.g., simple AND story will return results for both words,
  • OR, e.g., simple OR story will return results that contain at least one of that words
  • NOT, e.g., simple NOT story will return results that contain word simple but do not contain word story

We may also use logical operators in more complex query, for example, (simple OR science) NOT chemistry will return results for words simple or science, but do not contain the word chemistry.

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